Fremont, CA – June 28, 2017 – Blackmagic Design today announced that ArtAV, one of the leading companies providing AV services to some of the world’s top artists, museums and theaters, is using Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck Studio Pro and HyperDeck Studio Mini broadcast decks as part of its Synchronizer product line.

ArtAV provides AV services from initial concept through design, visualization, plan drafting, sourcing, fabrication, testing, delivery, installation, commissioning, mid-show support and de-rigging. As part of these services, ArtAV is often asked to synch a variety of video and audio artwork across any number of unique venues and setups, which often include multi-screen art exhibits using dozens of outputs simultaneously.

ArtAV’s custom-built Synchronizer line offers rack-based multi-channel synchronization and uses the HyperDeck Studio line of products to provide non-stop recording and playback of the highest quality uncompressed or compressed ProRes and DNxHD video formats. With the combination, customers can synch up to 40 4K video channels and 160 audio channels.

“We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the simple fact that we want to produce stunning results every time. The HyperDeck products let us meet that goal,” said Nick Joyce, Director, ArtAV. “We are one of only a handful of suppliers in the world able to offer hardware synchronized HyperDeck systems. This allows us to synch 4K, HD uncompressed, ProRes or DNxHD video and a massive number of audio channels.”

“The ArtAV Synchronizers use both the nine pin Sony protocol and the HyperDeck Ethernet protocol to dynamically control, loop and synchronize HyperDeck players. This is all done through a custom single board computer and gives frame-perfect synchronization,” continued Joyce.

HyperDeck Studio Mini is the world’s first miniaturized broadcast deck with non-stop recording to dual SD card recorders in all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p30. Its small size makes it perfect for use as playback at multi-camera and multi-screen events, and it includes built-in reference connections and sync generator, which allow customers, such as ArtAV, to connect and lock multiple HyperDeck Studio Minis together so they can all play back in perfect synchronization. The decks can also be remote controlled using the HyperDeck Ethernet control protocol, and new content can even be uploaded to them via FTP.

One of ArtAV’s first uses of the combined Synchronizer and HyperDeck Studio Mini was a recent showing of internationally-known artist Kelly Richardson’s “Love Nature” project, which was shown at the Shoreditch Gallery in London, UK. ArtAV provided synched playback systems for the 10-screen exhibit.

“For the Kelly Richardson ‘Love Nature’ project, we were given the brief to design a system capable of playing back 10x 4K signals onto state-of-the-art 4K screens. The screens were to be mounted on thin, floor-to-ceiling poles, and the installation was to feel as light as possible. Space was tight in the venue, and there was nowhere to store a rack full of equipment,” said Joyce.

“The solution was to use 10 HyperDeck Studio Minis and an ArtAV custom Synchronizer. We were able to distribute the players, placing them local to the screens, which meant there was no need for a rack full of players to be hidden away. Using custom pole mounting plates for the HyperDeck Studio Minis, we attached a player above each screen with the signal being sent over HDMI,” he continued. “The HyperDeck Studio Minis worked brilliantly.”

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